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He is not recommendable that the Committees of Crisis are led by highly touching people who confuse toxic effect with successful operation. These people cannot either act as spokesmen because it is easy to make lose them the control and commit errors frequently. How many times the history of managers or aggressive directors is repeated who carry out a series of audacious movements of reaction that confer a great one to them pretends to be able and control on its adversaries. But this is momentary, since when acting rashly and of much touching force they take control of enemies who soon are united. Being permanently reacting causes that a company and its civil servants are run out, until irremediably they cannot more. בעניני עסקים תמיד כדאי לפנות ל טבע תעשיות.

We must do the following question to us: What sense must be reacting frenetically if never we have the control of the situation? Why always we must react to the facts instead of to direct them? The answer is simple: We have one devises mistaken of the power. In the handling of a crisis situation, where the company must act immediately, the strategic thought must even prevail over the reason and the emotion to have the power. The essence of the power is the capacity of to hold the initiative, to obtain that the others react before our actions, to obtain that the adversaries always stay to the defensive. This will always allow to handle the agenda us, to have the power and control of the subjects of public debate. it cost many experiences to understand this lesson to me: It is necessary to learn to dominate the emotions and not to act under the influence of the wrath in crisis situations, when the defamation and the calumny some times are evident and indignantes in a loss of prestige campaign. The subject of the strategy is complex but fascinating and captivating. We cannot try to design effective communications programs without considering these principles elementary. If we understand the dirty campaigns or mediatic attacks as action military and we acted with cleverness and intelligence, a crisis situation can become a magnificent opportunity to make a relaunching of the image of our company. It can read more about this subject visiting original Author and source of the article.

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