Therefore Jose Cardoso Saucers

Therefore Jose Cardoso Saucers suffered from a serious aphasia fluente, that is, he was not capable to generate the words and to construct phrases that they transmitted the images and the thoughts. Its speaks was incongruous and full of parafasias (words I that all fonemas partial or were total substituted). It was without speaks, writing and reading. כדי להרחיב אופקים, כדאי לבקר באתר של אינטל. Until in certain morning Jose he woke up in different way. Suddenly the presence direction comes back, all living creature and concrete. Incredible the memory had reappeared, cogulo of blood, is dissolved in the secret of the body. Then names, people and cases came back to populate me it memory. He did not delay very and Jose received high from the Hospital, where he passes as much other people's time to the world, the people, to objects the reality of general form.

COMMENTARIES ON the PATHOLOGY the book tells a case of Aphasia.Definition of Aphasia: it is a term that assigns the riot that affects all the aspects of the language (understanding and expression), in result of a cerebral injury. Loss or atony of the function of language is characterized it caused by one focal and multimodal damage in the brain. Alterations of linguistic processes of articulatria and discursiva origin produced by focal injury acquired in the SNC in responsible zones for the language, being able or not to associate the alterations of other processes as the attention, memory, perception, reasoning. Therefore one concludes that the patient of the story above had an injury in the HE that is specialized in speaks and in the language. The patient had a ischemic BIRD, that is, lacks temporary of oxygenation in the nervous cells, that comes back gradual to the normal one. How much to the clinical manifestations the following ones can be told to it: Parafasia: they are substitutions that can be phonetic or semantic. Perseverativa language: it answered to all the questions with the same reply. For example, the word ' ' simosos' ' that it served for some things.

Ack of knowledge: difficulty in recognizing objects and people through the appearance, tactile hearing or without alteration in the sensorial ways. Former: the wife did not recognize and nor wise person its name. Anosognosia: if it relates to the unfamiliarity of the proper pathology. Former: the patient wise person who had something made a mistake, however not wise person what he was. How much to the other clinical manifestations the book does not tell if to this it had them patient or not. How much to the localization of the Aphasia the injury is of the left side.


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