Portuguese Language

To study the grammar to dominate it is to place in practical the good use of the language that successively will take that one that studies the grammar to speak and to write (Travaglia, 2001) the professor well who also dominates the diverse types of grammar and the linguistic studies in the theory and the practical one knows of the importance in making with that the pupils know the grammar and the one that we judge basic for I teach is the Internalizada Grammar that is the set of rules dominated for that one falante of the normal use of the language and that the professor must study through a descriptive grammar, that describes and registers a definitive variety of the language, analyzing what is said and writing in the reality of that falante, explaining later the real mechanism of that language. לא תמיד גבי חמו. Celso Wedge, in its book ' ' Lngua and Liberdade' ' it affirms that ' ' the language has that to live in perpetual evoluo' ' Chamber Jr says that ' ' the situation has changes in the use of in agreement language social' '. As the affirmation if it understands that the education must be productive, analyzing the linguistic variants of each falante for development of the communicative ability, because we say the same language and it she is composed for diverse dialects that we must analyze so that the grammar is internalizada in that it speaks and already it knows its language, only lacking to adjust it in accordance with the social environment and to be intent for the varieties of the language that is differentiated by the region, classroom, sort and style of each person, says therefore it depends on the culture of each individual and also of its partner-cultural level implying consequently in the writing, also in accordance with it speaks. In the schools of basic and average level it is said very in Normative Grammar, nomenclature that leaves all the students with fear, for believing and to judge itself that some or good part of that they say the Portuguese language it does not have grammar domain, but which is the grammar definition? Carlos Franchi in its book ' ' But what &#039 is same; Grammar? ' ' ' ' it defines that ' ' grammar is the systematic set of norms to speak and to write well, established for the specialists, on the basis of the use of the language consecrated for good escritores' '.


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