Geoffrey Paul Hellman

This last one intended to reduce all the physical phenomena of the human body in psychic correspondents, to the step that the fisicalismo intends to reduce the psychic phenomena in physical phenomena in the nervous system. It enters the great names of the current fisicalismo is Paul Churchland that it affirms that the terms on mental states of the common sense will extinguish with the advance of neurocincia.2 This form to understand the reality enter in direct conflict with a great faction of thinkers, who since Old Greece, come developing theories in the attempt of ontolgica explanation. They are the dualistas, that, to leave mainly of Plato, with its Alegoria of the cave, assume that to the reality an incorporeal correspondent exists, or ideal that if corporifica, or, incarnates to form objects and the conscience. If it cannot leave to approach Ren Discardings and its parcel of guilt in this process. Discardings, that lived in century XVII, were who again cogitated the possibility of body and mind to be of distinct natures. Discardings created the substance dualism, imagining the mind as an independent substance of the physical substance of the body. Currently, from the publication of Gilbert Ryle, in 1948, of its Concept of mind had been heated the ontolgicos debates concerning the problem mind-body. A new time in Philosophy appears then of the Mind.

Ryle considers, in this book, that the referring problems the nature of the mental phenomena must be substituted by an analysis of the language, that was known as analysis conceitual.3 This species of thinking behaviourism generated controversy among others that defends that to the scienter it cannot have reduction. I believe that it is possible to create Metaphysical explanations, particular as for the problem of the mind, without if sending the incorporeal one.


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