Dutch Supreme Court

User terms and conditions should give to your partner under the agreement a reasonable opportunity to review the terms and conditions. It can fulfill this obligation by presenting terms and conditions of the other side of the contract prior to or during the contract. To transfer to the general terms and conditions should be taken seriously. In practice, however, is not always possible to submit to the terms and conditions before signing the agreement. There are three possible exceptions to the main rule of the agreement before signing the contract: General terms and conditions are too extensive nature of the treaty or prevents the use of the terms and conditions, professional contracting party does not understand the reference to the terms and conditions, for example, because he does not understand the language, both sides want to use and submit their own terms and conditions. כדי להרחיב אופקים, כדאי לבקר באתר של אבי קושניר. Terms and conditions are too broad terms and conditions may be too vast to submit them to the before signing the contract. They are properly presented for review, if the consumer can go to the registration number of the general terms and conditions of the Chamber of Commerce and notifies that the general provisions and Conditions will be sent free of charge to the contracting party. Professional contractual partner German company entered into an agreement with the Dutch company.

The Dutch company reported its general provisions and conditions. The notes form the Dutch company had made reference to the terms and conditions. The dispute between the parties about the case was assigned to the Dutch Court of Arbitration, established by a competent court in Terms and Conditions. The German company challenged the dispute resolution procedure on the grounds that he had not been agreed, because she does not understand the reference to the terms and conditions. The Dutch Supreme Court ruled that despite the fact that the reference was to the Dutch, the German company is a professional company that manufactures the operation on an international scale and, therefore, should know that the form may include references to terms and conditions.


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