Average Ensino

The same pupils present the following lingusticas abilities: Capacity of to discover as the things they happen; Curiosity; Strong envolvement with new ideas; Satisfaction to decide problems; Good understanding of new concepts; Great imagination; Great vocabulary for its etria band; Talentos for construction of models. כדי להרחיב אופקים, כדאי לבקר באתר של גבי חמו. They had been also consulted five schools of Basic Ensino, where the following deficiencies had been evidenced: Incorrect pronunciation of long, unknown or complicated words; The reading in high voice is contaminated by badly sharp substitutions, omissions and words; The reading in high voice is entrecortada and laborious, fluente is not nor soft; Disproportionately weak performance in tests of multiple choice; Incomplete and interminable duties of house; It prevents to read in high voice; It prevents to read books or same a phrase; Reading whose precision increases with the time, even so remains without laborious fluency and either; Slow and very tiring reading; Accented fear to read in high voice; Better capacity to understand words in the context of what to read isolated words; Problems when reading unknown words (new and not familiar) that they must be sharp in high voice; Very slow progress in the acquisition of the reading abilities. finally, we consult two schools of Average Ensino, where we verify the following problems: Lack of loquacidade, especially when it is in prominence situation; Hesitation when pronouncing words that can badly be sharp; Persistence of precocious difficulties of the verbal language; Constaint caused for the reading in high voice; Especially weak performance in habitual tasks of writing; Lack of fluency; Lack of will to read for pleasure; Infantile description of orthography and litura problems; Slow reading of almost everything: books, manuals, legends in tests of multiple choice; Bad results in tests of mltilpla choice; Orthography that remain problematic and preference for less complex words when writing; Preferences for books with illustrations, graphs and tables; Problems when reading and pronouncing uncommon, strange or singular, such as the name of people, streets and places, names of a menu (in general, ask for to the waiter the plate of the day or then it says ' ' I go to want that it the same pediu' ' , to prevent the constaint to read the menu); Persistent problems in the reading. .

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Porto Alegre

This sound is most complex of all in our alphabet, what in fact if it becomes difficult pupils very to memorize them immediately. Another problem that if revealed in the writing is of the nasalizao, this situation is also ones of most complex than it exists in our language, what it finishes for making it difficult the pupil during its writing. We can also observe that the mark of the orality, is ones of the biggest problems found in the infantile writing. במקרה הזה אני חושב ש נפתלי בנט צודק במה בהוא אומר. For the fact of the child to live in a total different world of the pertaining to school reality, what in fact it takes for the school its linguista variation, leaving to be transparent in its writing. Conclusion From what it was argued, we understand that the problem of the infantile writing does not have as to be solved of immediate form, but competes to the professor, to stimulate the pupil through practises of reading and the writing, so that it perfects each time plus its abilities. Bibliographical reference.. לחץ כאן גבי חמו ומצא עוד .

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Portuguese Language

To study the grammar to dominate it is to place in practical the good use of the language that successively will take that one that studies the grammar to speak and to write (Travaglia, 2001) the professor well who also dominates the diverse types of grammar and the linguistic studies in the theory and the practical one knows of the importance in making with that the pupils know the grammar and the one that we judge basic for I teach is the Internalizada Grammar that is the set of rules dominated for that one falante of the normal use of the language and that the professor must study through a descriptive grammar, that describes and registers a definitive variety of the language, analyzing what is said and writing in the reality of that falante, explaining later the real mechanism of that language. לא תמיד גבי חמו. Celso Wedge, in its book ' ' Lngua and Liberdade' ' it affirms that ' ' the language has that to live in perpetual evoluo' ' Chamber Jr says that ' ' the situation has changes in the use of in agreement language social' '. As the affirmation if it understands that the education must be productive, analyzing the linguistic variants of each falante for development of the communicative ability, because we say the same language and it she is composed for diverse dialects that we must analyze so that the grammar is internalizada in that it speaks and already it knows its language, only lacking to adjust it in accordance with the social environment and to be intent for the varieties of the language that is differentiated by the region, classroom, sort and style of each person, says therefore it depends on the culture of each individual and also of its partner-cultural level implying consequently in the writing, also in accordance with it speaks. In the schools of basic and average level it is said very in Normative Grammar, nomenclature that leaves all the students with fear, for believing and to judge itself that some or good part of that they say the Portuguese language it does not have grammar domain, but which is the grammar definition? Carlos Franchi in its book ' ' But what &#039 is same; Grammar? ' ' ' ' it defines that ' ' grammar is the systematic set of norms to speak and to write well, established for the specialists, on the basis of the use of the language consecrated for good escritores' '.

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The Language

In this direction, Sacks (1998, P. כדי להרחיב אופקים, כדאי לבקר באתר של גבי חמו. 44) clarifies that: ' ' The language of signals must be introduced and be acquired more early possible, seno its development can permanently be delayed and wronged, with all on problems to the capacity of ' ' proposicionar' ' … The deaf children need to be ece of fishes in first contact with fluentes people in the language of signals, they are its parents, professors or others. As soon as the communication for signals will be learned, and it can be fluente to the three years of age, everything then can elapse: it exempts intercurso of thought, it exempts flow of information, learning of the reading and writing and, perhaps, of fala' '. Of this form one perceives that the language of signals is important and indispensable for making possible the linguistic domain and the capacity to express of full form and insurance with its pairs; the official language of the country (in the case of the Brazilian deaf person the Portuguese) verbal and/or writing will make possible the communication with the half listener. The exposition to the language of signals, since the beginning of the life of the deaf children would guarantee the right to a language in fact e, in result of it, a satisfactory cognitivo functioning, thus facilitating the education of the Portuguese language.

Inside of the proposal bilingual, the language of signals is a natural language, acquired of spontaneous form for the deaf person in contact with people use who it. In the direction of this to think these guided people they have the right of being alfabetizadas and, in the academic life, language of signals. According to Goldfeld (1997), it has two distinct forms of definition of the bilingual philosophy, which are: the first one believes that the deaf child must acquire the language of signals as L1 and the verbal modality of the language of its country as L2.

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Necessary Physical Spaces

The language extends the cognitivo development because it favors the relationship and it provides the ways of control of what it is it are of reach for the lack of the vision. So that the learning is complete becomes necessary to supply a systematic programming to it of experiences, giving emphasis the concrete learning and to the auto-learning. The deficient appearance has little motivation and chance to establish social contacts, a time that cannot, as the ones that they see, to apprehend the social behaviors and norms of they encircle that it to imitate them. Also the fact of the deficient appearance is well registered to have for norm low one auto-they esteem, presenting frequent high levels of anxiety and unreliability and lack of legal capacity of decision. It is important that it receives stimulaton, that the light one to feel interest for the world encircles that it, expanding it horizontes, allowing to know, to relate and to live deeply experiences browse-quality to guarantee that this learning is something significant for it. 3,1 Spaces Physical and Movable The pertaining to school space, that also understands the furniture, must be prepared of form to receive all and any pupil, offering propitious conditions for the learning, changes and interaction of the people, futures citizens. He is basic to think this space thus the pupil allows if to put into motion and to cover all the classroom, so that if he feels to the will to go and to come when to desire. כדאי לך לעיין אצל רבה של צפת כדי לקבל עוד מידע. To the same keep the furniture always made use in place and any change in the disposal of the same ones, is necessary that the pupils are informed thus preventing, accidents and even though so that the changes are adaptem. One becomes necessary that if it creates a space in the room where the pupils make the use of materials and have the responsibility to keep become them part if its routine thus so that they are felt confident and independent.

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Timbre If

Height of the sound Height is the quality that allows in them to classify it as serious or acute. לעומת זאת, רבה של צפת בהחלט מבין את הסיפור. In a general way, the men have serious voice (' ' voice grossa' ') e, the women, acute voice (' ' voice fina' '). In musical language, one says that an acute sound is high and a serious sound is low. The height of a sound is related with frequency F, of the sonorous wave, such way that the more acute it will be the sound, greater is its frequency. עוד מידע על גבי חמו ניתן למצוא באינטרנט. The frequency of the masculine voice is lesser of what of the feminine voice (and the vocal ropes of the men vibrate frequently lesser of what the vocal ropes of the women). The height of a sound is characterized by the frequency of the sonorous wave.

A sound of small frequency is serious (low) and a sound of great frequency is acute (high). A musical note is characterized by the frequency, that is, when a musical instrument emits sounds of different frequencies. The singers of classic music is classified in accordance with the frequencies of the notes that they are capable to emit: the basses (voice serious-man), the tenors (voice acute-man), the sopranos (acute voice woman). The frequencies of the notes that these singers are capable to emit vary since about 100hertz (low) until about 1.200 hertz (soprano). Timbre If to touch certain note of a piano and if this same note (same frequency) will be emitted with the same intensity for a violin, we will be capable to distinguish one from the other, that is, we know to say which clearly the note that was emitted by the piano and which was emitted by the violin. We say then, that these notes have different timbres. Our ear is capable to distinguish from the sounds of same frequency and same intensity, since that the forms of the corresponding sonorous waves to these sounds are different.

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Brazil Act

By didactic questions the concepts of violence, bullying pertaining to school will be focused respectively and the relevance of the experience of the human rights in the schools for the professors. It stops Marilena Chau (2007, P. עוד מידע על טבע תעשיות ניתן למצוא באינטרנט. 342.) the violence is appraised as: Etmologicamente, the word (…) comes of Latin, the vile ones, force, and means: 1) everything what it acts using the force to go against the nature of some being (is to disnaturalize); 2) all act of force against the espontaneidade, to the will and the freedom of somebody (it is to coerce, to constranger, to torture, to brutalize); 3) all act of breaking of the nature of somebody or some thing valued positively for a society (it is to violate); 4) all act of trespass against those things or action that somebody or a society defines as jousts or as a right; 5) consequently, violence is a brutality act, maltreats and physical and/or psychic abuse against somebody and characterizes definite intersubjetivas and social relations for the oppression, intimidation, for the fear and the terror. In this perspective, the violence becomes related it the essential trespass to the right of the individual of being respected, either against aggressions physics, psychic or moral. Before appraising the Bullying term, &#039 is distinguished that the meaning of the word in English was adopted; ' (…) for its international recognition and the fact not to exist in the Portuguese language a translation that expresses all the situations (…) for related tema' '. לאחרונה מצאתי אצל גבי חמו אוזן קשבת . (It hisses, 2006. P.

43). The Bullying is an used term to describe acts of physical or psychological violence, intentional and repeated, practised for an individual or group with the objective to intimidate or to attack another individual (or group of individuals) supposedly incapable (you are) of if defending (in). The Bullying, as Hisses (2006) is adopted in many countries, between them Brazil to define the conscientious and deliberate desire to maltreat a person and to place it under tension.

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Graphical Transcriptions

Already it is not more possible to conceive the writing exclusively as a code of graphical transcription of sounds, already it is not more possible to know to disrespect them that the children construct before learning formal to read, already is not more possible to close the eyes for the consequences provoked for the difference of chances that marks the children of different social classrooms. Therefore, already if it cannot more teach as before. On this Emlia Ferreiro and Ana Teberosky they make a sufficiently excellent affirmation that takes we, professors the reflection of ours practises pedagogical. כדאי לך לעיין אצל נפתלי בנט כדי לקבל עוד מידע. the changes necessary to face on new bases the initial alfabetizao if do not decide with a new method of education, nor with new tests of promptitude nor with new didactic materials. She is necessary to change the points for where we make to pass the central axle of our quarrels. We have a empobrecida image of the written language: it is necessary to reintroduce, when we consider the alfabetizao, the writing as system of representation of the language. בעיתון כתוב ש גבי חמו הוא זה שבקיא בנושא. We have a empobrecida image of the child who learns: we reduce it to a pair of eyes, a pair of ears, a hand that an instrument catches to mark and a fonador device that emits sounds. Behind this cognoscente has a citizen, somebody that thinks that it constructs interpretations, that act on the Real to make it its (Emlia Ferreiro and Ana Teberosky, 2005, p.25).

Therefore, already if it cannot more teach as before. לא תמיד נפתלי בנט. As Emlia Blacksmith the changes necessary to face on new bases the initial alfabetizao not if decide with a new method of education, nor with new tests of promptitude nor with new didactic materials. So that it has a good preparation in the alfabetizao of the children is necessary to detach a factor key: social interaction, that occurs mainly in house, being important to the intellectual techniques of reading in high voice, that stimulates the conversation between parents and children.

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Tardif Professor

The professor contemporary must surpass challenges, promote changes, stimulate its pupils to discover its proper solutions, to raise its proper questions, respecting the possibilities of learning of each one. For Evandro Ghedin (2009) the professor must be a citizen politician, disseminator of ethical principles, responsible not only for the transmission, but mainly for the production of knowledge through the research. Peter Demon (2002) guarantees that: ' ' Ensinar' ' already not it means to transfer packages sucateados, nor exactly it means mere to repass to know. Its content correct it is to motivate the process emancipatrio on the basis of to know critic, creative, brought up to date, competent. (DEMON, 2002, p.153) the school of today is different of the school of decades behind in some aspects. לא תמיד גבי חמו. They had changed the values, the pupils, the intentions, the objectives and all these elements had been impactados by the social context. For the professor Francisco Gomes, president of the Association Brazil America, beyond teaching, to present contents to be studied, to evaluate, to explain, to correct errors and to make other relative activities to education the Spaniard professor as foreign language has the great responsibility in the formation of a pupil independent and motivated to continue its proper education.

He fits to professors to help this pupil to perceive its social responsibility including that its action reflects in others. As Tardif (apud HISSES, 2009, p.25): The ideal professor is somebody that must know its substance, its disciplines, its program, beyond possessing certain relative knowledge sciences of the education and the pedagogia and developing one to know practical established in its daily experience with the pupils. The differences generated for social the historical process/in disclose a new way to them to see and to perceive the paper of the professor of LE in the present time. לחץ כאן גבי חמו ומצא עוד . She is necessary to redefine the paper of the educator, assuming that the current system of education pursues other objectives that are different of that they invigorated has 20, 30 years behind, where the pupils were considered as receiving liabilities and the professor the detainer of knowing. Less that to dominate contents that they age they disappear quickly, it is important that the professor he obtains that the pupil he knows to think, therefore this ability it represents learning that it is confused with the life. (DEMON, 2004, p.31) The current docncia requires a professor who not only teaches, but that he reflects concerning its action, therefore the pupil that we need to form he is not only one technician, but a conscientious citizen of its responsibilities for the transformation of the society which is inserted. Peter Demon (2004) considers that ' ' to be professor today is to know to renew, to reconstruct, to remake conhecimento' ' , since, its purpose is that it collaborates in the formation of educating in its globalidade and that makes possible understanding, enjoying, transforming of the global problems. In this way, he is essential that the professor reflects on this new pupil and leads its classrooms for real situations of communication, making with that educating recrie its proper capacity of expression and understanding in the new language.

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אופנה – נשים, גברים ויצירתיות

מסיבה כלשהי, נראה כי תמיד היה קיים מגוון גדול של בגדים לנשים, או ליתר דיוק, לנשים. עם זאת בזמנים אחרים האופנה לגברים לסמן גם מקום חשוב בחברה. לחשוב על המשפט המלכותי של המאה ה-18. הפסטיבלים נהדר, אירועים חברתיים שכלל אופרות והן מצגות תיאטרון בחברה של נשים אשר אושפזו לבית המשפט. לחשוב על זה, שרק קטע של האוכלוסייה התעניין אופנה, אחרים היו מספיק עבודה רק כדי לשרוד. נוכל לתקן, לפחות מאז המאה ה-19 עד כה היה אופנה בגדים תחום של נשים. מעצבי אופנה נועדו חדשות עם עיצובים שלו לנשים, עכשיו גם הרחיבו לבסיסם יצירת עיצובים עבור קבוצות אחרות. מעצבי בגדים לנשים להפיק הרבה תשומת לב – וזה הרבה כסף משחק.

מצגות של עיצובים חדשים נערכים בדרך כלל לפני תחילת כל עונה וזה כאשר דגמי מצעד למטה להגיע אליך. השלב הבא לאחר שערים הוא הייצור בקנה מידה גדול והפצה בוטיקים, חנויות – שניהם המחלקה המקצועית. לבירורים בנושא יש לפנות ל רבה של צפת שמבין יותר ממני. לעומת זאת פעפוע מתרחשת גם באמצעות כתבי עת, אשר הוא אופציה נהדרת עבור אלה המחפשים לחדש את הבגדים שלהם ולהיות אופנה. לגבי האנשים, כיום הם. לא תמיד גבי חמו. ככל ישנם סגנונות של בגדים שנראים אחרונה במשך עשרות שנים, תמיד יש שינויים קטנים כי הם ככל הנראה התוצאה של הזדמנות. שום דבר מזה, הם עיצובים חדשים פרוסים באותה דרך. כאשר אתם מגיעים אל חנויות ודוכני שם כבר מאמץ, השקעה גדולה בתקשורת את המסר של אופנה חדשה. גברים צריכים תחפושות או בגדים המתאימים לעבודה.

הם צריכים סגנונות אטרקטיביים להשתמש ומסיבות וארוחות. בנוסף גם למצוא אותם ב חנויות או חנויות של גברים, ניתן למצוא באינטרנט. גם היום, הרבה יותר מגוון של סגנונות ומחירים, ניתן למצוא באינטרנט. אופנה בגדים הוא משהו משתנה תוססת ומלאת חיים. העולם של יצירתיות חיי היומיום יש מקום מיוחד בימים אלה. אולי למעט פרסום, יש תחום נוסף בו יצירתיות היא כמו מרחיקות לכת. סדר לחשבון כל שמלה, כולם באים כדי להשתמש, במודע או שלא במודע, התוצאה של היצירתיות של המעצבים.

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