Identity Anxiety And Desperation

All misfortune is a lesson. Turkish proverb do not doubt that stop reading this paper already should be fully identified. It points out that the identity as a quality of being to himself, only valid for persons and as a result of being oneself or as part of a group. Adds us, that the search for identity, its crisis and its loss constitute a centre of concern and current research. The individual, the group, traditional or industrial societies aspire to again match its own being.

The theme of identity affects all societies and almost all disciplines. Identity is a basic need of human beings. Be able to answer the question as to be able to answer the question of who am I? It is so necessary as affection or feed us. The truth is, the problem of identity has bothered a lot at the sicoanalistas in recent years; Thus, by Erich From, considered the problem of itself original and real to distinguish from pseudo yes same or the conventional. For Karen Horney, formulated it as the problem of self real to distinguish it from the idealized image of the if. Here, that do not should surprise us as Ernest Schahtel suggests: that many patients suffer in one way or another the lack of a sense of identity. This may be the cause of that feel like impostors in their work, in relation to a medium, his past or some part of themselves that repress or want to hide consciously because they feel ashamed or guilty. They may also feel that they should have something of what they lack or imagine that prestige lack, such as positions materials, or certain traits or personal qualities; or would that a husband or different wife, or friends other than those who have granted them the status that you want to feel and that therefore, miraculously, become fully developed people.