Calm Language

5. Use names of people A name is one of the warmest sounds they hear. לא תמיד טבע תעשיות. He says he has been recognized as an individual. It is important not to overdo it can come across as condescending to the other person. Make sure they know your name and you will take ownership for the problem. 6. Do not blame someone or something else.

7. Watch out for the egos of the people "Do not interrupt me" Do not argue "Do not meddle in solutions" Allow Venting "Do not say," Calm ". 8. See the person from the point of view of others too often think the "difficult" person is making too much fuss. We believe that – "What's the big deal, I'll fix immediately." It is a big problem for the other person and want to appreciate it. You do not necessarily agree with the person but accept the fact that it is a problem for them. 9.

Be very aware of your body language and tone of voice often exacerbate a situation without realizing it. Our tone of voice and body language can often contradict what we are saying. We can say sorry but the tone and body language can communicate our frustration and anger. People listen with their eyes and create a greater credibility on how to say something more than what he says. It is also important to use a warm tone of voice when dealing with a difficult situation. This does not mean being "nicey-nicey" or behaving in a non-aggressive.


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