Bratislava Austria

Bratislava liked. But we must immediately go into the historic center. The modern part of town looks like a construction socialist era of stagnation. All the same type, five-story and inconspicuous. But the center will be pleased! Firstly, a recently remodeled everything.

Streets and squares are very clean, the facades of houses repaired. Liked small bronze monuments: You will meet a firefighter, looking out the hatch, or the paparazzi filming from behind a corner. All this raises a smile and uplifting. And what is there beer! Divine! No worse than in the Czech Republic. So sit in the evening with a glass in his hand in a pleasant outdoor cafe is always worth. So, driving in Bratislava, has passed. Yes, he said, first, I did not say second.

So from Bratislava to Vienna, only 70 km to the excellent motorway. Well, let's go? 11 mayV 9.00, we firmly refreshed (buffet was a success), went to Austria. The truth is the center of Bratislava, we stopped again and walked another couple of hours to fix materiala.I here it is – Austria! First, that we met there – it's windmills. They are so many that at first it seems that is the subject of a science fiction movie. Very impressive. Nowhere else will not have to see this. Vienna greeted us with sun and warmth. Very lucky that we arrived there on weekends. There's always at the center are allowed free parking. On weekdays, it is completely excluded. Have to put the car away, and this will agree, quite exciting.


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