The Meaning

We raise hypotheses and we take off deductions. We analyze, we evaluate the situation and we find solutions. The factors are several that go to facilitate or to make it difficult the learning. In the pertaining to school situation, we have to consider the factors of the side of the professor and the side of the pupil. Another factor to be remembered and the physical environment. It is clearly that, when interests in them, we can learn in any place, underneath of a tree or inside of a large cabin. But, if the physical environment of the school pleasant, ample, is aired and pretty, the learning and sufficiently favored.

Also the material is important. When more interesting, more it arrests the attention of the pupil. The motivation, the perception, the maturation and intelligence are factors so excellent that we must make a special reference to them. Motivation: the necessities produce reasons that impel the individual to make some actions. Embira some reasons are innate (as the hunger) and acquired others (as prestige), the way as we answer to all they and modified by the learning and influences, for the culture where we live.

The term ' ' motivao' ' he is, therefore, generic and it assigns the necessities, goals or desires that provoke action of an organism. Perception: the man commands and of the meaning ace experiences that receive through the agencies of the directions. The perception and a organizacional, selective and interpretativo process. It is organizacional because we tend to more than perceive stimulatons in significant standards what with separate entities, without relation. Maturation: before certain answers can appear, the organisms must have promptitude for such. Thus, the maturation is a purely organic process, without which the learning cannot be given. The agencies of the directions, the processes you celebrate, the processes psicomotores, has that to have reached a certain degree of maturation so that the stimulatons can be perceived and the adequate answers are given.


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