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Generalitat Valenciana

Rajoy told Camps that their options were either endure the shame of being a President with a conviction, or resign for four years. Camps announces his resignation as President of the Generalitat Valenciana. The President of the PP, Mariano Rajoy, has assured that the resignation of Francisco Camps as President of the Valencian Community is an exercise of generosity and responsibility that contributes to improving the image and prestige of the Valencian and Spanish institutions. Rajoy is expressed in this way in a statement released an hour after the resignation of Camps, and he stands that already former President is part of the great assets of the Partido Popular. The national leader, who has been at all times in contact with Camps since last Friday, also emphasizes that the Valencian leader has been, is and will be a great friend and an extraordinary member of the PP.

Rajoy begins the release with the following statement: the President of the Generalitat of Valencia, Francisco Camps, me has moved its decision to submit the resignation to preserve the image and prestige of the Generalitat Valenciana. For the leader of the popular, it's a very hard decision that Camps has adopted for the benefit of the institutions and the citizens of the region. But it is a decision, adds Rajoy, which does not prejudge in any way its presumption of innocence nor undermines its unblemished record in the Generalitat, whose presidency came again after the elections of May 22 with absolute majority, something that the PP leader recalls. In addition, Rajoy considered that the waiver not tarnish nor contradicts the opinion has always had camps and that they clearly share most Valencians, since this was initialled, says, in elections in 22-M. The PP leader shown as with resignation, since, he says, is an exercise of responsibility and exemplary policies that ennoble to Valencian already former President. Disgrace or resignation to the seem, Rajoy spoke Tuesday night with Francisco Camps and told her that their choice was between the disgrace of being a regional President with condemnation or resign. The PP sources have reported that the popular national leader left him clear at all times that the decision was exclusively personal and that, therefore, only he could take it. The same sources point out that the idea of the Valencian President until Tuesday morning was pay the fine and avoid trial.

The President of the PP, according to sources, not pressured Camps in no time, but yes raised him very clearly that, within its autonomy and independence, their options were either endure the disgrace of being a President with a conviction, or resign the post for four years. Sources is not required if this conversation with the leader of the PP proved decisive to give Camps return to their intention, but yes to indicate that it was gradually reversing the first claim of the President of the Generalitat. They emphasize that Rajoy has been always respectful with your regional baron, who provided that he spoke with their leader repeated that he was innocent and that he would prove it. Therefore, the sources deny that over the past 24 hours from Genoa it is pushed to Camps with insistence that abandon the Presidency of the Valencian Community. Source of the news: Rajoy believes that the resignation of Camps is "an exercise in generosity and responsibility"