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Be Honest With Your Customers

The consumer is ample connoisseur and can leave shutdown very badly to his company if he discovers that this deceiving. As Annex to this article I leave to an example of tricks sublimizares him used by the most important companies of means. The colors and their influence. The colors are interpreted long before that the words and therefore it generates reactions that soon will not be able to modify with the text accompanies that it. The colors offer to the image calidez, brightness, hardness to him or smoothness, prestige, purity, force, virilidad, feminidad, etc. transmit scents or pleasures to Us. By this and much more it must give sum attention to the correct use of the colors. The colors have an apparent movement, weight and depth, as well as visibility and impact. בעיתון כתוב ש רב שמואל אליהו הוא זה שבקיא בנושא.

The colors define tradition or innovation can obtain that a same image has been identifying a place in the world for 70 years or the vacations more brilliant than imagines. The reader rarely registers the elements separately therefore well-taken care of with the grouping of colors. Combinations that the consumer will relate immediately, like for example, green and yellow exist with the flag of Brazil, or blue and yellow with Mouth Juniors, a football team Argentine, or green with the Heineken beer. This last one illustrates the force that has the color: beer with nature does not have many things common, but to the same I give packaging him green and we bombed with publicity " verde" I will catch the attention of that mass ecological-young person who takes beer. What is that.

curiosity killed the cat, and helps us to sell. Luckily, the man is extremely peculiar and he is astonished easily. We aim at these so human characteristics and develop images with actions that fence against current and images known in an unusual situation. It comments it above, it considers that to draw attention is not to sell and the fundamental aim of a publicity is to sell. Other forms to draw attention are to give movement him to the image, either with a sequence of technical photograms or using of blurred bottoms with images in first plane clear to cause that the reader analyzes and looks for to include/understand what this happening. We are not complicated The simplicity, the resistance, the geometric images and the redundancy (by different means) are the means. Thus it is, the mind of the reader hopelessly looks for familiar forms related to geometric images and embase of detergent is enchanted with elements in resistance like great products of cleaning and small.

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