Pedagogic Studies

On the basis of studies carried through during the course of pedagogia and comments carried through in classroom of years iniciais2, searchs to make a reflection on the complexity of the alfabetizao concept. One also searchs to make the distinction between alfabetizao and letramento, therefore, for many, both possess the same meant, what not foot true, as well as, what one implies in the other. לעניות דעתי גבי חמו יכול לקבוע . It is known that it is difficult and at the same time complicated to appraise the word alfabetizao. Therefore, the same one is complex, had to be entirely come back toward the reality of the children. Where, this complexity involves all the social, cultural classrooms, knowledge of the pupils, among others.

Beyond what, the alfabetizao cannot be seen and be understood as only codificar3 and decodificar3, as many of the educators think. Therefore, this is a continuous process, that is, not if of only in the first series, but yes throughout all Basic, Average, Superior Ensino, the life is extended for all. לאחרונה מצאתי אצל רב שמואל אליהו אוזן קשבת . Ahead of this, one becomes necessary to place some historical concepts of alfabetizao, established for some authors and others, similar of that, let us can consequently alert the educators of the complexity of the alfabetizao concept and, an only method of education. What this, could affect of significant form in the pertaining to school life of the pupil, therefore the same ones possess differences, are of social, cultural, the etc. and, therefore, it is necessary that the professor adopts flexible methods of education. Leaving of this, one becomes necessary to place some conceptions on the alfabetizao. As if it can evidence the most common concepts of alfabetizao are innumerable are the ones that say to be the alfabetizao to a process of acquisition of the abilities of reading and writing, also as not being alone a development but acquisition process, also, and still it is appraised as being specifically, the acquisition of the language written for the child in the escolarizao process.


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