Integrated ALM

Minerva IKAN-solutions partner for Integrated ALM solutions, the development of its application lifecycle management SCM4ALL released under the name IKAN ALM in Germany on! Karlsruhe 04.03.2011 – Minerva IKAN-solutions partner for Integrated ALM solutions, published under the title "reliable processes in software development" the further development of its application lifecycle management under the name IKAN ALM in Germany at. Before introducing an application lifecycle management in the enterprise IT, even today many companies shy away from. More and more studies and analyses prove however that supporting an ALM solution a clear cost efficiency to achieve. לא תמיד טבע תעשיות. In contrast to the holistic approach of many tools, IKAN is an integrative solution, which successively optimally complements the company's IT ALM. Transparent – flexible – productive supports IKAN ALM the various processes within the software development and integrated, linked to and complements all existing components.

Starting at the operational Each step is automated requests, through tests to the productive use of executable software according to the requirements of the operational processes. Therefore, IKAN ALM offers a flexible and reliable and expandable basis for consistent, controlled lifecycle, under realistic conditions tailored to the way suitable for any company. Plus the proven core functionality by SCM4ALL version 4.3 was IKAN ALM version 5.0 also significantly expanded. ALM 5.0 package-based projects IKAN introduces the concept of package-based projects, with the now also individual software components can be transported through the cycles of life. This is an advantage for projects that consist of a large number of software components. Such projects can now be controlled packet depending on"main frame".

This functionality is supported for subversion and IBM ClearCase. The new packet based project definition extends the previous project definition (now referred to as release-based projects) in which all (changed) The version management software components were processed at the same time. When a package-based project, now specifically, the user selects the required versions of the software components and adds it to the package.


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