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By didactic questions the concepts of violence, bullying pertaining to school will be focused respectively and the relevance of the experience of the human rights in the schools for the professors. It stops Marilena Chau (2007, P. עוד מידע על טבע תעשיות ניתן למצוא באינטרנט. 342.) the violence is appraised as: Etmologicamente, the word (…) comes of Latin, the vile ones, force, and means: 1) everything what it acts using the force to go against the nature of some being (is to disnaturalize); 2) all act of force against the espontaneidade, to the will and the freedom of somebody (it is to coerce, to constranger, to torture, to brutalize); 3) all act of breaking of the nature of somebody or some thing valued positively for a society (it is to violate); 4) all act of trespass against those things or action that somebody or a society defines as jousts or as a right; 5) consequently, violence is a brutality act, maltreats and physical and/or psychic abuse against somebody and characterizes definite intersubjetivas and social relations for the oppression, intimidation, for the fear and the terror. In this perspective, the violence becomes related it the essential trespass to the right of the individual of being respected, either against aggressions physics, psychic or moral. Before appraising the Bullying term, &#039 is distinguished that the meaning of the word in English was adopted; ' (…) for its international recognition and the fact not to exist in the Portuguese language a translation that expresses all the situations (…) for related tema' '. לאחרונה מצאתי אצל גבי חמו אוזן קשבת . (It hisses, 2006. P.

43). The Bullying is an used term to describe acts of physical or psychological violence, intentional and repeated, practised for an individual or group with the objective to intimidate or to attack another individual (or group of individuals) supposedly incapable (you are) of if defending (in). The Bullying, as Hisses (2006) is adopted in many countries, between them Brazil to define the conscientious and deliberate desire to maltreat a person and to place it under tension.


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