Average Ensino

The same pupils present the following lingusticas abilities: Capacity of to discover as the things they happen; Curiosity; Strong envolvement with new ideas; Satisfaction to decide problems; Good understanding of new concepts; Great imagination; Great vocabulary for its etria band; Talentos for construction of models. כדי להרחיב אופקים, כדאי לבקר באתר של גבי חמו. They had been also consulted five schools of Basic Ensino, where the following deficiencies had been evidenced: Incorrect pronunciation of long, unknown or complicated words; The reading in high voice is contaminated by badly sharp substitutions, omissions and words; The reading in high voice is entrecortada and laborious, fluente is not nor soft; Disproportionately weak performance in tests of multiple choice; Incomplete and interminable duties of house; It prevents to read in high voice; It prevents to read books or same a phrase; Reading whose precision increases with the time, even so remains without laborious fluency and either; Slow and very tiring reading; Accented fear to read in high voice; Better capacity to understand words in the context of what to read isolated words; Problems when reading unknown words (new and not familiar) that they must be sharp in high voice; Very slow progress in the acquisition of the reading abilities. finally, we consult two schools of Average Ensino, where we verify the following problems: Lack of loquacidade, especially when it is in prominence situation; Hesitation when pronouncing words that can badly be sharp; Persistence of precocious difficulties of the verbal language; Constaint caused for the reading in high voice; Especially weak performance in habitual tasks of writing; Lack of fluency; Lack of will to read for pleasure; Infantile description of orthography and litura problems; Slow reading of almost everything: books, manuals, legends in tests of multiple choice; Bad results in tests of mltilpla choice; Orthography that remain problematic and preference for less complex words when writing; Preferences for books with illustrations, graphs and tables; Problems when reading and pronouncing uncommon, strange or singular, such as the name of people, streets and places, names of a menu (in general, ask for to the waiter the plate of the day or then it says ' ' I go to want that it the same pediu' ' , to prevent the constaint to read the menu); Persistent problems in the reading. .


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